Liberation Day In Afghanistan 2024

Unveiling Afghanistan's Liberation Day: A Tale of Freedom

Join us in uncovering the significance of Liberation Day in Afghanistan, where a nation’s quest for freedom is celebrated with pride and unity.

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Quick Facts:

  • Date: February 15
  • Main Components: Celebration of the end of the Soviet-Afghan War and the withdrawal of the Soviet Army from Afghanistan
  • Popularity: A national holiday in Afghanistan
  • Pairings: Afghan Independence Day, Victory Day, Nowruz
  • Variations: None


Liberation Day in Afghanistan is a holiday that commemorates the end of the Soviet-Afghan War and the withdrawal of the Soviet Army from Afghanistan on February 15, 1989. The Soviet-Afghan War was a conflict that lasted for almost a decade, from 1979 to 1989, and involved the Soviet Union, its allies, and the mujahideen, a guerrilla movement supported by the United States, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, China, and other countries.

The war was a result of the Saur Revolution, a coup that brought the Marxist People’s Democratic Party of Afghanistan (PDPA) to power in April 1978, overthrowing the regime of President and Prime Minister Mohammed Daoud Khan. The PDPA faced a rebellion from various groups of Afghans who opposed its policies, especially its social and land reforms, its secularism, and its alignment with the Soviet Union.

The Soviet Union intervened in December 1979 to support the PDPA regime, which was led by Nur Muhammad Taraki until his assassination in September 1979 by his rival and deputy Prime Minister Hafizullah Amin, who was then killed by Soviet forces in December 1979 and replaced by another PDPA leader, Babrak Karmal. The Soviet intervention sparked a massive resistance movement among the Afghans, who formed various factions of mujahideen, meaning “holy warriors”, to fight against the Soviet and PDPA forces.

The war became one of the most violent and costly proxy conflicts of the Cold War era, as both sides received substantial military and financial assistance from their respective backers. The war also had devastating consequences for the Afghan people, who suffered from massive casualties, displacement, refugees, destruction of infrastructure, and human rights violations.

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The Course of the War

The war can be divided into four phases:

  • The first phase (1979-1980) was marked by the Soviet invasion and occupation of major cities and strategic points, and the initial resistance of the mujahideen.
  • The second phase (1980-1985) saw the consolidation of the mujahideen into seven main factions based on ideological and ethnic lines, and their increased coordination and effectiveness against the Soviet and PDPA forces.
  • The third phase (1985-1987) witnessed the escalation of the war, as the Soviets launched major offensives to crush the mujahideen, while the latter received more sophisticated weapons and training from their supporters, especially the US.
  • The fourth phase (1987-1989) involved the gradual withdrawal of the Soviet troops from Afghanistan, following the signing of the Geneva Accords in 1988, which stipulated a timetable for their departure and a ceasefire between the warring parties.

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The Outcome of the War

The war ended with a victory for the mujahideen, who managed to force the Soviets out of Afghanistan after a long and bloody struggle. However, the war did not bring peace or stability to Afghanistan, as the mujahideen soon turned against each other in a civil war that lasted until 1996, when the Taliban, an extremist Islamic movement, seized control of most of the country.

The PDPA regime also survived until 1992, when it collapsed after the defection of some of its members and the loss of support from Russia, which had replaced the Soviet Union after its dissolution in 1991. The Soviet-Afghan War had a lasting impact on the region and the world, as it contributed to the rise of Islamic extremism, terrorism, drug trafficking, and refugee crises.



Here are 20 unique wishes and greetings to celebrate this day:

  1. “On this Liberation Day, may the spirit of freedom and hope shine brightly upon Afghanistan!”
  2. “Wishing the people of Afghanistan a day filled with pride, peace, and the promise of a brighter future.”
  3. “Happy Liberation Day to the brave souls who never gave up on their dreams of a free Afghanistan.”
  4. “May the legacy of Liberation Day inspire generations to come in the pursuit of peace and unity.”
  5. “Sending heartfelt wishes for a prosperous and peaceful Afghanistan on this historic Liberation Day.”
  6. “Let us celebrate this day as a testament to the indomitable spirit of the Afghan people. Happy Liberation Day!”
  7. “May this Liberation Day mark the beginning of a new chapter filled with progress and prosperity for Afghanistan.”
  8. “On this special day, may the dreams of a free Afghanistan continue to blossom.”
  9. “Wishing you a Liberation Day filled with love, joy, and renewed hope for a brighter future.”
  10. “As Afghanistan celebrates its Liberation Day, let us stand together for a more harmonious and prosperous nation.”
  11. “May the courageous Afghan people always find strength and resilience, even in the face of adversity. Happy Liberation Day!”
  12. “On this day, let us remember and honor the sacrifices made for the freedom of Afghanistan. Happy Liberation Day!”
  13. “With unwavering determination, Afghanistan has triumphed. Happy Liberation Day to a nation with an indomitable spirit!”
  14. “May this Liberation Day bring new opportunities and lasting peace to Afghanistan. Let’s keep moving forward together.”
  15. “As we celebrate Liberation Day, let us pledge to build a brighter future for Afghanistan, filled with hope and unity.”
  16. “On this auspicious day, may the path to progress and prosperity in Afghanistan become clearer and brighter.”
  17. “Wishing Afghanistan a Liberation Day filled with joy, love, and a renewed sense of purpose.”
  18. “May the beauty of freedom continue to shine in the hearts of the Afghan people. Happy Liberation Day!”
  19. “As Afghanistan celebrates Liberation Day, let us embrace a future where peace and harmony prevail.”
  20. “Sending warm wishes to the resilient people of Afghanistan on this Liberation Day. Your strength inspires us all.”

Feel free to use these wishes and greetings to celebrate Liberation Day in Afghanistan and convey your best wishes to your friends and loved ones.


Here are 20 unique Liberation Day quotes to commemorate this special day in Afghanistan:

  1. “Liberation Day in Afghanistan reminds us that the human spirit can overcome even the darkest of times.”
  2. “In the face of adversity, Afghanistan found its path to freedom, proving that hope can conquer all.”
  3. “Liberation Day is a testament to the unwavering determination of the Afghan people to write their own destiny.”
  4. “Freedom is a precious gift, and Afghanistan’s Liberation Day is a celebration of that invaluable treasure.”
  5. “Liberation Day symbolizes the resilience and strength of Afghanistan—a nation that has risen from the ashes.”
  6. “The journey to liberation is marked with sacrifices, and Afghanistan’s history is a testament to that sacrifice.”
  7. “Liberation Day is a reminder that even the darkest night will end, and a new day will begin.”
  8. “The Afghan spirit shines brighter on Liberation Day, illuminating the path to a brighter future.”
  9. “As Afghanistan celebrates Liberation Day, let us remember that freedom is the birthright of every individual.”
  10. “Liberation is not the end but the beginning of a new chapter in Afghanistan’s inspiring history.”
  11. “In the story of Afghanistan, Liberation Day is the turning point—a symbol of hope, unity, and progress.”
  12. “The beauty of freedom lies in the strength of those who fought for it. Happy Liberation Day!”
  13. “Afghanistan’s Liberation Day stands as a beacon of hope for all nations striving for independence.”
  14. “Liberation Day reminds us that the struggle for freedom is never in vain. It is worth every sacrifice.”
  15. “The Afghan people have shown that with unwavering determination, any obstacle can be overcome.”
  16. “Liberation Day is a day of pride, a day of honor, and a day to cherish the freedom we enjoy.”
  17. “On this day, we celebrate the birth of a free Afghanistan, a nation rising against all odds.”
  18. “Afghanistan’s Liberation Day inspires us to work together for a brighter, more prosperous future.”
  19. “Freedom is the most powerful force in the world, and Afghanistan’s Liberation Day is its shining example.”
  20. “Liberation Day reminds us that the spirit of hope can illuminate the darkest corners of our world.”

These quotes can be used to reflect on the significance of Liberation Day in Afghanistan and to inspire others with the resilience and determination of the Afghan people.


Here are 20 unique Liberation Day messages to commemorate this special day in Afghanistan:

  1. “Happy Liberation Day to the brave hearts of Afghanistan. May your nation continue to shine as a symbol of resilience and hope.”
  2. “On this Liberation Day, let us stand together in solidarity with Afghanistan, celebrating the triumph of freedom over adversity.”
  3. “Wishing Afghanistan a joyous Liberation Day! May the spirit of unity and peace guide your path to a brighter future.”
  4. “Liberation Day is a reminder of the indomitable Afghan spirit. May this day usher in an era of peace, progress, and prosperity.”
  5. “As Afghanistan marks Liberation Day, let us remember the sacrifices made and the strength displayed in the pursuit of freedom.”
  6. “Happy Liberation Day to a nation that never gave up on its dreams of a brighter tomorrow. May peace reign in Afghanistan.”
  7. “On this historic day, let’s celebrate the resilience and courage that have brought Afghanistan to where it is today. Happy Liberation Day!”
  8. “Liberation Day is a time to reflect on the significance of freedom. May Afghanistan continue to prosper and inspire the world.”
  9. “As the Afghan people celebrate Liberation Day, may their journey toward a better future be filled with blessings and opportunities.”
  10. “Wishing you a peaceful and joyful Liberation Day, Afghanistan. Your story of triumph against all odds is an inspiration to us all.”
  11. “May Liberation Day remind us of the strength that lies within us to overcome any challenge. Afghanistan, you’ve shown the way.”
  12. “Liberation Day serves as a beacon of hope and unity. Let us work together to build a more prosperous Afghanistan.”
  13. “Happy Liberation Day! May Afghanistan’s future be filled with love, laughter, and lasting peace.”
  14. “On this special day, let’s honor the heroes of Afghanistan who paved the way for freedom and independence. Happy Liberation Day!”
  15. “Liberation Day is a testament to the unwavering spirit of the Afghan people. May your journey ahead be filled with success and harmony.”
  16. “Wishing you a day of reflection and celebration on Liberation Day. May Afghanistan continue to rise and shine.”
  17. “As Afghanistan marks Liberation Day, let’s recommit to supporting its path to peace and progress. Together, we can make a difference.”
  18. “Happy Liberation Day to a nation that exemplifies the power of determination and hope. May your future be bright and prosperous.”
  19. “Liberation Day is a day to celebrate freedom and unity. Let’s stand together in solidarity with Afghanistan and its journey to a better tomorrow.”
  20. “May the promise of Liberation Day lead Afghanistan toward a future filled with opportunities, love, and unwavering peace.”


Liberation Day in Afghanistan is a significant event in Afghan history, as it marks the end of a brutal war that claimed millions of lives and changed the fate of a nation. The war was also a turning point in world history, as it hastened the end of the Cold War and altered the balance of power in Asia and beyond. The war has been depicted in various forms of media, such as books, films, documentaries, and songs, that reflect different perspectives and experiences of its participants and observers. Some examples are:

  • The Kite Runner, a novel by Afghan-American author Khaled Hosseini, that tells the story of two friends who grow up in Kabul during the war and are separated by its aftermath.
  • Afghan Breakdown, a film by Russian director Vladimir Bortko, that portrays the life and death of a Soviet officer who is disillusioned by the war and falls in love with an Afghan woman.
  • Leaving Afghanistan, a film by Russian director Pavel Lungin, that depicts the final days of the Soviet withdrawal and the challenges faced by the soldiers and their Afghan allies.
  • Countdown, a song by Canadian rock band Rush, that celebrates the launch of the first US space shuttle in 1981 and contrasts it with the violence and misery of the war.

Liberation Day in Afghanistan is a reminder of the courage and resilience of the Afghan people, who fought for their freedom and dignity against a foreign invader. It is also a lesson for the world, that war is not a solution for resolving conflicts, but a source of suffering and destruction.

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